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Orizen Tyre Warranty

Rest easy with the Orizen Tyres Road Hazard Warranty

The Orizen Tyres road hazard warranty takes care of your new tyres with a complimentary road hazard warranty on Continental and Maxxis tyre brands, or a $5 charge for all other tyre brands.

This means that if the tyre is accidentally damaged beyond repair by road hazards such as potholes, sharp objects or curbs in the first 12,000 km or 12 months of its life, we will replace it on a pro-rata basis, provided that otherwise the tyre is still warrantable.

The road hazard warranty does not cover deliberate damage or damage caused by inadequate or improper tyre or vehicle care and maintenance. It also excludes normal wear and tear as well as any damage caused by off-road hazards, improper repairs, inappropriate tyre pressure, vehicle overloading, incorrect wheel or tyre size, uncertified vehicle modifications, fire, theft, snow chain damage, vehicle accidents, or vehicle racing.

The Orizen Tyres road hazard warranty is non-transferable to any other purchaser or vehicle, and is paid on a pro-rata basis. Orizen Tyres reserves the right in its sole discretion to decline any claim should it adjudge the claim to be invalid. Should an identical replacement be unavailable, Orizen Tyres reserves the right to supply a substitute. Other than the pro-rata replacement of a damaged tyre, Orizen Tyres will not be liable for any additional claims, damages or consequential losses arising from tyre damage.

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