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Check out our Orizen Tyre Guide. It’s designed to help you match the best tyre tread patterns for your vehicle and driving style

The tread is the part of the tyre that makes contact with the surface of the road. And if you take a look at different tyres on the market, you’ll notice a wide variety of tread patterns.

The importance of different tread patterns is a unique design that enhances a vehicle’s grip on the road and handling for specific driving conditions, such as when driving on sand, dirt, or icy roads. In these conditions, tread depth can facilitate safer driving, better handling, and a more comfortable ride.

Every tyre tread has four constituent parts:

  • Ribs are the raised section of the tread pattern, made up of tread blocks;
  • Grooves are deep channels that run circumferentially and laterally around the tyre;
  • Tread blocks are the raised rubber segments that make contact with the road surface;
  • Sipes are small, thin slots moulded into the tread blocks.

Monitoring the tread depth of your tyres is vital and should be done regularly. If you are in doubt about the safety of your tread depth, stop by for an inspection at Orizen Tyres.

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Symmetrical tyre tread pattern

Symmetrical tyres, as the name suggests, have a symmetrical tread pattern that is the same on both the outer and inner sides of the tyre.

Directional tyre tread pattern

A tyre with a directional tread pattern is designed to roll forward in one direction only. It has lateral grooves that meet in the middle of the tyre tread, resembling the shape of an arrowhead. Its purpose is more than sporty aesthetic, however. The V-shaped grooves are more capable of resisting aquaplaning (hydroplaning) at high speeds by displacing water more efficiently through the tread pattern.

Asymmetric tyre tread pattern

A tyre with an asymmetric pattern features two separate tread designs, one on the inner half and another on the outer half of the tyre. It looks unusual, but both halves serve a distinct purpose.

The inner tyre tread is responsible for water displacement and protection against aquaplaning. The outer tyre tread has rigid tread blocks for higher lateral stiffness, which provides high grip when cornering and driving on dry surfaces, and quieter interior noise. This combination of features makes asymmetrical tyres especially popular for use on ultra-highperformance cars.

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