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Continental MaxContact 6

Designed for maximum grip and sporty road handling, along with braking excellence and good mileage performance.

Maximum grip and handling

The Max Contact 6 is designed with multiple zones in the tread to come into play during acceleration, braking and cornering. Chevron grip elements ensure better braking while the tread rib structure and stabilizer bars ensure better high speed handling and stability.

Maximised contact patch for greater control

Special adhesive polymers within the MC6 compound adapt to the road surface to achieve maximum surface bonding even on rough roads. This means a much greater actual footprint area for maximum performance and safety.

Maximum comfort

Adaptive ply material is flexible enough to ensure a comfortable ride in the comfort zone area, where a standard tyre would not be that flexible. In high speed situations however, the sport zone makes the MC6 highly rigid for better handling and direct driver feedback.

Orizen had the pleasure of welcoming Grant and Lorraine Wenzlick of Waihi Beach in October 2021. Grant Wenzlick in Waihi

The first Orizen store just opened in the south island. We are proud to announce that Orizen Tyres at 407

Kyle Hannah works as a technician in the Thames store alongside owner Frank. Kyle is a highly skilled technician and

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