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Kyle Hannah works as a technician in the Thames store alongside owner Frank.

Kyle is a highly skilled technician and specializes in all things mechanical. Kyle is very knowledgeable when it comes to tyres, wheels and mechanical repairs. And as shown in the featured picture, he likes to have fun.

Kyle has a wife, Eleanor, and between them they have 5 kids aged between 7 and 17. Kyle is also a huge car enthusiast. In his spare time he likes to hang out with his family and work on custom cars. He is currently working on a custom Holden Kingswood. Kyle always helps out where he can. On behalf of everyone at Orizen Tyres, we’d like to thank Kyle for his service, scraped knuckles and dedication throughout the years. We really appreciate all you do for us.

Orizen had the pleasure of welcoming Grant and Lorraine Wenzlick of Waihi Beach in October 2021. Grant Wenzlick in Waihi

The first Orizen store just opened in the south island. We are proud to announce that Orizen Tyres at 407

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